"Not For the Mature or Easily Offended"
-The Heights
Sketch & Improv Comedy
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Ryan Cain '11
"Growing up in the mean streets of small suburb in Los Angeles, Ryan Cain started a rap career at the tender age of 7 and a half. Known as the "Best from the West" or "Cocain: The House of Pain," Ryan had memorable hits such as "Pops Cut off My Credit Card" and "My Baby Momma Loves Tiffany's." Ryan's rap career took off with unbelieveable success. However, Ryan eventually saw the light of what was known as: ping-pong. Cocain suddenly dropped the rap world to pick up the paddle and play with balls. His ping-pong skills led him nowhere, leading many to believe his departure from the rap game was a mistake. After years of soulsearching through high school, Ryan decided to move to the Far East, a.k.a. Boston, and find himself. With his spot in Asinine, Ryan hopes to retain that glory he once had while making glorious beats with Dr. Dre and his good friend, The Game."