"Not For the Mature or Easily Offended"
-The Heights
Sketch & Improv Comedy
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Kelly Moynihan '10
Daughter of Zeus and J.K. Rowling, and half-sister to Beyonce Giselle Knowles, Kelly Moynihan is both terrifying and beautiful. Subsequently, she could have been destined for greatness in another life. Unfortunately, after the heart breaking loss she suffered by failing to assemble the Shrine of the Silver Monkey on Legends of the Hidden Temple, Kelly fell into the trappings and turmoils faced by all child stars. After birthing triplets (fathered by an unknown temple guard), Kelly dabbled in the music industry. Ever heard of Mariah Carey? So has she; she owns her #1's Album. Today, Kelly combats her depression with reruns of I Love NY and Being Bobby Brown. Kelly Moynihan could have been destined for greatness... in another life.