"Not For the Mature or Easily Offended"
-The Heights
Sketch & Improv Comedy
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Ben Weil '10
Ben Weil is a violent push over.  He's great at bashing people that are surprisingly innocent.  For example, if you and a friend were to pass by Ben on a warm sunny afternoon I would advise you to take shelter and call your mom or dad because you'll need your parents.  Ben loves jail in every sense of the word.  Ben talked to Doug Funny about some silliness one day--he then shoved his face into a puddle of darf.  Ben has a genuine side to him: his foot in your kidney region is a lot more comfortable than his fist.  His favorite TV show: STATIC.  He especially likes poodle gatherings in his living room and high fives in mid breeze.  and extra ripe bananas.